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 Mermaids are legendary aquatic creatures that have the tail of a fish and the upper body of a person. For hundreds of years, mermaid shave appeared in folklore of cultures worldwide—from China to the United States!

About Us
Four years ago, The2Tails was a small idea that was started by two little girls. They loved dressing up and playing like mermaids. When they couldn’t find anything that was like a real mermaid tail, they set out to make one themselves…which was just the beginning!

We Want to Hear from YOU!

This is an interactive site so we hope you'll be submitting lots of comments, pics, and videos. We love to see what YOU'RE up to and love to hear from you.  

The Mermaid Grotto
Ready to become a real mermaid? Our Grotto offers exclusive mermaid accessories that are high quality.

You can also buy all kinds of mermaid stuff like:

  • tails
  • tops
  • bathing suits
  • jewelry
  • and anything that you think we should have - just let us know!

And all our mermaid stuff is

Made in the USA 

The 3tails Web Show

If you love "The3tails" web show, you can watch their latest episodes here and follow their youtube channel. Sofia and Natasha, who play "Emily" and "Jackie" on the show actually started this site along with their mom Ely. We're having so much fun sending our beautiful mermaid tails all over the world!

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Womens Mermaid Tails

Mermen Tails

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