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Our tails come in many beautiful colors, from deep sea blue to shimmering white to cute pink. They are made of a four way stretch spandex nylon mix and fitted with monofins. A monofin is a single surface fin with a pocket for your feet, which propels you through the water like a mermaid. Just like the2Tails in the video below! 

If you are looking for mermaid tails for swimming, our tails are perfect for lounging about and swimming like a real mermaid!

Sizes for All Mermaids

Because they are made with so much stretch they are one size fits most. Our Children's tail is smaller, for younger or smaller people and the monofin used inside fits shoe sizes 1-7. Our Adult tail runs larger and has a larger monofin fitting shoe sizes 4-8. Our Big Fluke tail is just the same, but fits shoe sizes 9-13. For more details on sizing, read our Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

We love all mermaids and want all our mermaids to be happy! Read customer reviews at Mermaid Spin to see what other mermaids thought of their tails!

Click on one of the three tails below, to see the different colors to choose from for your tail! 

Check out our brand new skins that came out today! Looking for a mermaid tail for swimming? All of our tails are perfect for the mermaid that wants to swim around and explore the sea!

Mermaid Tails


Of course your mer-man costume can be in any color and size you'd like, just order it through our Adult, Big fluke or Child categories.

Merman Black Mermaid Tail ProductMerman Green Mermaid Tail Product

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Our tails are completely swimmable!!! Take them in the pool or
the ocean. Watch the 2Tails use their tails in action!


   Have a tail want a new skin (ie. tail without monofin)?

   Contact us with your size (child, adult, big fluke), color choice and shipping address to order and
   we will PayPal you an 

   For returning customers....................................$35 + FREE shipping
**This wholsale price is exclusive for our previous customers

   New customers................................................$50 + shipping

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